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Whether you are looking for classes online or in person, in school or in one of our centers, for just your child or for the whole family; Language Sprout has a program for you.

Fit for your
family's lifestyle

We have classes made for your family. Whether in one of our Language Sprout group classes, private lessons, part of your child's before or after school programs or online, we have a place for you.

In Person

In Person

Perfect for learners of all ages, we offer a wide variety of programing at one of our Language Sprout Learning Center locations.

Types of Classes

  • Young Learners Classes, Elemenatry Classes, Private and Family Lessons.

In School

What could be better than having language available right in side your childs school. Language Sprout offers In School Programs in a large variety of schools.

Check the list below for your child's school or contact us to one started.

Before and After School Programs

  • Located within your child's school building, Language Sprout offers program for Elementary, Middle and Preschools.

Interested in bringing Language Sprout to your community?

  • Fabulous! We can't wait to be part of your community. Language Sprout is able to provide not only extra curricular programming to schools but also during the day language instruction. To get in touch reach out to hello@languagesprout.com and we will get the ball rolling.
In School
Private Lessons

Private and Family Lessons

Do you prefer that your child learn alone in an individual class with an private teacher? Then click in the below button to find our available teachers or contact us with your specifically necessity.

Remote or in person

  • Private and Family Lessons are available both in person or remote options. Reach out today to schedule your first lesson.

Customizable Classes

  • Private and Family lessons can adapt to your needs. Whether you are a beginning learner or in need to tutoring and homework help, we can create a program that works for your family.

Asynchronous Online Lessons

Looking for a class for your child to learn at their own pace on their own schedule. Check out our asynchronous online courses. Courses can be paired with a material pack and workbook to supplement the course.

Learn at your child's pace.

  • Thanks to our recorded classes, you mark the learning rythm of your kid.

Want to add on more interaction?

  • Not a problem. Add on a private lesson or two to help if you ever feel you need a little more help. We are here for your success.
Mini Lessons


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What kind of training do your teachers have?

Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds. All teachers speak at either a native or non-native fluent level. Our teachers go through Language Sprout Instructor Certification courses. Beginning teachers receive Level One certification. Teachers advance through four learning levels before receiving Master Level teaching certification. A teacher’s advancement is based on training hours, amount of time in the classroom, and achievement as determined by observational reports on each instructor.

What is the key to language learning succeess?

Success comes from consistency. Language learning is a lifelong journey. Families who make language a priority and maintain their studies with consistency have the greatest success. Even working for 5 minutes at home a day with consistent classroom attendance can be enough to learn with success!

Where are you located?

You can start private lessons any time throughout the year. We schedule lessons 7 days a week. Email hello@languagesprout.com or call/text us at 651-323-9523 anytime to set up your family's lessons.