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Built by a team of language professionals and student focus groups over more than a decade, the Language Sprout Curriculum uses familiar characters to build lesson upon lesson so that language learners of all levels feel connected and successful with the materials they use. We start at Level 0 with the basics, alphabet, vowels and diphthongs to make sure we start out on the right foot with pronunciation. In Levels 1- 8, we pair vocabulary with grammar concepts that build upon one another. We use familiar games and activities to make learning fun. By the time you reach Level 8, you are prepared for High School Level 3. Levels 9- 16 build up on your knowledge, introducing new vocabulary and cultural themes.


We proudly offer our own workbooks, easy readers, cards as well as many games to accompany each lesson taught by our dedicated teaching staff. Each class builds upon the last so that the learning never stops. No more constantly repeating of the same material.


All about the the Spanish alphabet and Spanish basics. Go on an adventure with the Sprout friends made for the emerging learners. 

Vocabulary: Alphabet

Meet the Sprout Friends and build a vocabulary foundation! Learn to count and call out shapes and colors. Share stories about pets and even help Rebe make her super vegetable and noodle soup.

Vocabulary: Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Pet, Vegetables.

Grammar: To Have and To Want

Marisol arrives! Figure out which fruits this little dinosaur will and will not eat. Dream about jobs along with the Sprout Friends and get ready to take off with transportation. Vamos!


Vocabulary: Fruit, Jobs, Transportation


Grammar: To Like, To Be, To Go

Level 1

Level 2

Level 0

Build a monster using body part vocab. Describe feelings, weather and where you are from. Then form a huge robot family while learning to name each member!

Vocabulary: Feelings, Weather, Body Parts, Opposites

Grammar: To Be, To Do/Make, The Date

Make a mask and find a cape. Join in the super hero action inside and outside the classroom. Name that classroom item and bring verbs to life...with the Sprout Friends, of course!


Vocabulary: Verbs 1, Verbs 2, Classroom Items

Grammar: Verb + Infinitives, To be able

Add to the drama in Project Grant then find out if your favorite foods will ever be enough to satisfy Leroy. Finally, grab a map because we have to find Shazam!

Vocabulary: Clothing, Food, Places,


Grammar: Regular AR, ER and IR verbs

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Alarm clocks ring and clocks chime. Start the day with Bob and get ready to race against the clock. Take a shopping trip with Lulu but donít get home late.


Vocabulary: Irregular present tense -ar, -er, -ir verbs, time and reflexive verbs

Grammar: Irregular verbs, Time, Reflexive Verbs

Level 6

Pepe hasnít always lived in Sprout City.  Look back and get ready to tell stories about ìwhen you were little.


Vocabulary: House, Furniture, Hobbies, Chores, Park and Verbs 10


Grammar: Preterite, Imperfect, Frequency, Command Verbs.

Level 7

Search, discover and navigate with Emma on a big Sproutland adventure. Tell the tallest tales as your travel, survival and geography vocabulary grows. 


Vocabulary: Hotel, Geography, Verbs 11, Verbs 12, Survival words


Grammar: Conditional, Gerund, Future

Level 8