Innovative instructors founded Language Sprout in 2003 with the belief that the greatest gift a community can provide a child is a good education. We consider an understanding of cultural difference and fluency in a second language to be essential to our youngsters’ achievement as they prepare to enter a world of increasing globalization. As teachers whose duty it is to equip our children with these faculties, we strive to afford learners of all ages and backgrounds with both a quality foreign language instruction and an appreciation for diverse cultural contexts and customs.  We are passionate, creative, and dedicated to setting a new standard of second language education in a learning environment that is comfortable and fun!


Change the World

Language Sprout envisions a world in which every child is equipped with multilingualism. To this end, we strive to provide quality foreign language instruction to all ages, with a focus on our youngest learners. In our age of increasing globalization, we believe that fluency in a second language is invaluable and that it is never too early for our kids to start developing their multilingual skills. In fact, our capacity to learn new languages lessens as we age. As such, we aim to serve a niche that is often ignored—younger foreign language learners—because they have incredible potential to gain fluency and are preparing to enter a world in which doing so is more critical than ever.


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